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Code of Federal Regulations

CFR 20 Title Page

SSA logo: link to Social Security Online home  §410.684 Representation of party; appointment of representative.

A party in an action leading to an initial or reconsidered determination, hearing, or review, as provided in §§410.610 to 410.678, inclusive, may appoint as his representative in any such proceeding only an individual who is qualified under §410.685 to act as a representative. Where the individual appointed by a party to represent him is not an attorney, written notice of the appointment must be given, signed by the party appointing the representative, and accepted by the representative appointed. The notice of appointment shall be filed at an office of the Administration, with a hearing examiner, or with the Appeals Council of the Administration, as the case may be. Where the representative appointed is an attorney, in the absence of information to the contrary, his representation that he has such authority, shall be accepted as evidence of the attorney's authority to represent a party.

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Last reviewed or modified Thursday Sep 21, 2006

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